Combined Cycle Project 52


Consisting of Medium Voltage, Steam Turbine, Cooling Tower and Heat Recover Steam Generator Enclosures.

  • 30’ W x 60’ L Medium Voltage Electrical Control Room with 6.9kV Switchgear and 6.9kV Motor Control, SUS Transformer, 480V Switchboard, panelboards, transformers, NSBD, transformer relay protection panels, and 480V Switchgear.
  • 15’ W x 26’ L Cooling Tower Electrical Control Room with 480V motor control centers, NSBD, SUS Transformer, panelboards and transformers.
  • 30’ W x 58’ L Steam Turbine Electrical Control Room with 480V Switchgear, 480V motor control centers, HRG’s, NSBD, SUS Transformers, STG Turbine Control Panel, panelboards, transformers, battery equipment, and separate battery control room.
  • 15’ W x 30’ L (2) HRSG Electrical Control Rooms with 480V motor centers, panelboards, and transformers.
  • Loose shipped equipment consisting of cable bus, NSBD, SUS Transformers, panelboards and transformers



Substation Project 53

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