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Continuing down the one-line we land at the 480V level of your electrical project. CESI will be able to offer you both NON ARC and ARC resistant equipment for your 480V Switchgear needs. The ratings we will cover include up to 6000A horizontal/vertical bus, 3 Phase 3 wire and 3 Phase 4 wire, 50/60 Hz, 100kA bus bracing, modular design allowing up to four feeder breakers in each vertical section, and integral breaker racking. Contact CESI to also discuss low voltage switchgear options such as Zone Selective Interlocking, High Resistance Grounding and dual parameter trip unit settings to increase safety on your switchgear.

Available ratings include:

  • 2B Accessibility
  • Max Short Circuit ratings 100kA at 508V and 85kA at 635V
  • 800A – 6000A breaker frames
  • Vertical bus up to 6000A
  • Horizontal bus up to 6000A
  • 3 Phase 3 Wire and 3 Phase 4 Wire
  • UL 1558
  • ANSI/IEEE C37.20.1
  • ANIS C37.51
  • ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7

CESI can also handle the procurement and coordination of the associated Station Unit Service Transformers and Non-Segregated Bus Duct that may be part of your electrical design for Low Voltage Switchgear.

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Our Process


We construct large electrical integrated packages that include anything from power distribution centers (also known as Electrical Equipment Enclosures, Power Control Rooms, E-Houses, Relay and Control Enclosures, Modular Buildings) Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear, Medium and Low Voltage Motor Control, all available in Arc Resistant or Non-Arc Resistant construction or design. Relay panels and, batteries, UPS systems, bus duct, cable bus, transforms–you name it.


We work with customers that require multiple products from various trusted manufacturers. We are not focused on selling a specific manufacturer; instead, we are focused on selling the best product solution that meets the customer’s needs. Our extensive list of vendors and our ability to package allows us to do just that.

Project Manage

Project management is a vital part of the process. In order to make your experience with CES Integration as seamless as possible, we get our expert project managers involved from the beginning. The CESI project manager is your conduit for all of your project needs, from technical, commercial, logistics, field service to documentation. They’ll oversee your project from start to finish as they guide your team through the process and around the pitfalls.

“We gauge success by repeat business and long term relationships. We achieve success by treating people the way we want to be treated while making a very complex process easier for our customers and vendors.” – CESI Mission Statement

We recognize that our industry is technical and requires project managers who know about each step in the process. Our team of project managers comes from many different backgrounds and each brings a unique skill set to the team. Each project manager is experienced, reliable, excellent at communication and problem solving, and is equipped to handle a variety of different types of equipment.

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